Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Welcome to join our community Onlinii.
By using this website, you are agreed with the terms & conditions of Onlinii.

We can make any change in this agreement from time to time by updating the change on this page.

Onlinii is an online sector where the users of the site can sell and buy services offered by sellers. A person can only sell or buy through this website when he/she is registered an account on this website. Our website make people able to order online to complete projects and then pay for the projects, this can happen when you buy or sell a service on this site. We do facilitate people to connect through this website and work together. We are here to help you to find best service for you or help you to earn by selling your services.

• Making account on this website is free.

• Without registration, user can’t buy or sell on this website.

• User can’t buy or sell any service less price than $5. Sellers are also able to give the basic service in more than $5, depends on the professionalism.

• Buyer can place order by clicking the order button on the service of seller.

• Buyers have to pay $1 tax on buying any service.

• Cancelling order affect the image of seller, so seller should avoid to cancel order or avoid to take the order which he/she don’t able to complete.

• Sellers are classified by levels and the level gives according to the performance of the seller.

• We don’t use your personal information for any wrong purpose. We don’t share your information with any other person. It is kept confidential by us. It is the privacy policy of the site.

• Users can’t send or receive money except through placing order.

If you are not agreed with the terms & conditions, you are not able to use this website.


A person is only eligible to use this website if he/she is registered on this website. By registering on Onlinii you are bounded with the user terms of Onlinii. There is no age limit on this website for users to use it. It doesn’t matter what is the age of the user, user can access all services on this site. User only eligible to use this site if he/she is following the rules and don’t create any violence on the site.

You can use the website if you registered with valid email address. Your account is not active if you don’t verify the account through email address. You can make only one account on an email.

Registration If a user wants to use this website and access the provided services he/she surely register an account on Onlinii. And by registering here you have to provide the real, exact and all the information as Onlinii ask in registration form and also on the other forms which are on this website. Users have to agree not to give any fake information about his/her identity or location. If your information is not real or complete, Onlinii will disable your account. When you are registering for an account you will be asked to choose username and password, which you will use later for login to your account. It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. We suggest it’s users to create a strong password to make their accounts secure.
We assure our users that their information and accounts are secure until it expose by user’s mistake.


Main Points

• Sellers have to build services on Onlinii so that clients can buy their services.

• Sellers also have the option of custom order on their services, if seller turn on these option then buyers will be able to send custom quotes to start work.

• If every order complete successfully, then the 80% of purchase amount will be transferred to your account.

• If in any case the order cancels then the amount paid by buyer will returned to the buyer.

• Your amount will be able to withdraw in the period of 10 days after the completion of order.

• By completing the order through Onlinii, seller can just withdraw the payment by one of Onlinii withdraws option.

• The levels of seller increases according to the reviews of buyers given to seller. The more positive rating the seller get the more advance level they are able to obtain. Levels details are below.

• In some cases, Onlinii can temporarily stop the seller to withdraw the money due to security issues.

• Sellers are not allowed to connect more than one Onlinii account with one withdrawal account or provider.

• We will take serious actions if a buyer report against seller so it is important for seller to behave nicely with the buyer and make a good bond with buyer.

• The tax we deduct from the seller will also include in the price they show on the service they offer.

• The minimum price of service a seller can offer is $5. And we will deduct 20% of every payment.

• Sellers don’t allow to give any contact number or personal information to buyers. Sellers are only allowed to contact through Onlinii otherwise Onlinii will disable your account permanently.

Sellers can also set their services on promotion.
It means a person after login to its account can share the service of any seller which the seller selected to promote. And when the seller gets order through the shared link of promoter so the 5% commission from the order will be given to the promoter.

• Onlinii can remove or disable any service which is against our rules or for violation purposes.

• Service should have unique content. If seller copy the content or other material from someone else’s service, we have right to disable that service.

• If any service contain illegal content or material Onlinii will disable it.

• Onlinii don’t allow you to advertise any third party link or content.

• Service contains advertisement links are including in illegal service, so Onlinii can disable it.

• Adult services are not allowed, like Pornographic, Erotic/Inapt. If seller creates any of these types of services, Onlinii will surely disable your service.

• Onlinii will disable service if the service is misguiding buyers

• The limit of completing order on the service is in 30 days but sellers are able to extent time with the permission of buyer.

• The reasons mentioned above of disabling service can also be the reason of disabling account of seller.

• When Onlinii disable a gig seller can’t edit or restore it.

• Sellers have to upload image on the service which is related to the service and they also have the additional option of adding two more images. This option is available to all sellers.

• Sellers also have the option of uploading video on service which is also related to service. It is optional.

• Qualified services and sellers can set the basic price of service according to their profession and expertise.

• There is an option of services packages on service. Three type of packages seller can provide.


Onlinii is here to help you to use your skills and take greater benefits from your skills. We give more beneficial tools to best rating sellers to help them in increasing their business.
Sellers, who are professional in their field, invest in their business promotion and make a good bond with client can get more happy and satisfied clients.
Onlinii will appreciate sellers by giving them high levels, greater opportunities, advantages and special options to gain more quickly and professionally if sellers deliver orders on time, clients give good reviews to them, give work in quality and maintain their rating by satisfying clients and completing orders.

• The sellers are able to increase their level by completing orders on time, don’t let any order cancel, completing more orders in less time, giving expected work, satisfying client and making a good reputation.

• Seller needs more than 90% positive rating to increase his/her level to another level.

• Onlinii update level once in a month by automatic system.

• Onlinii have four types of level currently, Level 0, 1, 2, and professional.

• If sellers fail to maintain perfectly their profile like giving professional work, complete order in time limit, can’t satisfy client or have warnings to their seller accounts so they will lose their level and also the facilities they get with higher level.

• The increase in level gives a seller more facilities like they can sell service for more price then before or can also create more services then before.

The details about levels are below:

Level 0

When a seller creates account on Onlinii he/she starts from level 0 which is the basic level. And Onlinii suggest you to work hard and earn fairly to get upper levels.

Needs • 90% positive rating from clients/buyers

• 15 complete orders

• Avoid cancellation of orders

• Delivery should be on time

• Avoid any illegal activity which is against our terms of services

• 7 active services

• Payment able to withdraw in 10 days

• Send custom offers

Level 1

You have to work so little to achieve level 1. Our automatic system shows result according to your whole month performance and increase your level 0 to level 1.

• You have to complete 70 orders by yourself.

• Your rating should be positive more than 90%

• Avoid cancellation of orders

• Delivery should be on time

• Avoid any illegal activity which is against our terms of services
• 12 active services

• Send custom offers

• Payment able to withdraw in 10 days

• Can rank to first page services

Level 2

It’s your turn to play hard. Because it’s not easy to reach and maintain level 2 but when you get on this level you will get more professional projects.
We will check your performance, when you complete the requirements. If you are eligible to be on level 2, we’ll increase your level.
• Complete minimum 70 orders from the beginning

• 90% order completion

• 90% delivery on time

• 90% positive rating from the clients

• Avoid any illegal activity which is against Onlinii terms Facilities
• 16 active services

• Send custom offers

• Can rank to first page of services

• Payment clearance in 10 days

Top rated seller

If you reached this level it means you are a professional seller and now can enjoy a lot of benefits.
But you can only reach on this level if you meet the needs to be on this level. We will take look on your performance and then let you be top rated seller.
• Complete minimum 300 orders with positive rating

• Avoid any illegal activity which is against Onlinii terms

• 90% order completion

• 90% delivery on time

• 90% positive rating from the clients

• Unlimited active services

• Send custom offers

• Can rank to first page of services

• Payment clearance in 7 days


Main Points
• Buyer should not pay the sellers directly without using Onlinii Payment Method.

• Onlinii has the right to use the delivered work by sellers only for promotional strategies of our website.

• We have an option of Post a Request for the buyers, where buyers can post what they what and seller related to the service will respond on the request, so buyers can easily select the best seller by offers.

• Buyers are not allowed to post any request other than the services on Onlinii.

• Buyers have to pay in advance at the time of placing order. If the order completed successfully so the payment will transfer to the seller’s account but if the order cancels due to any reason so the payment will be returned to the buyer.

Refund Policy

When the client will place order to the seller on our website, Onlinii will hold the payment.
If the order well done successfully and the client will be satisfied by the work so payment will be transferred to the seller’s account but if due to any reason the client don’t satisfied or cancelled the order, so the payment will be refunded to the buyer’s account then buyer will be able to withdraw that payment through PayPal or if the buyer is from Pakistan so he/she will be able to withdraw payment through EasyPaisa, JazzCash and through the Bank. But if the order is completed and then the buyer came to know that the completed work is not perfect as the desire of buyer or any other issue in the order so you can contact to Onlinii Customer Support.